Mercedes-Benz / AUTOCUBY.DK 516CDI Handicap opbyggning


Pris:0 DKK Årgang:2014 Farve:Hvid
Km - stand:10 Gruppe: Motor:cdi
motorydelse:160 Gearkasse: Gear:0
Tilstand af køretøjet:ny

Standard and Optional Equipment:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment

  • Black side windows

  • Walls, ceiling and side pillars covered with high quality trim

  • Floor covered whith high-quality anti-slip lining(Heated floor Martech)

  • Engine independent heater system on the left side(convector) Vetech

  • Tourist seats with NMI or TWIN LOCK legs on quick assembly - dismantling rails

  • Central interiorlighting, LED and neon

  • TV, CD-DVD-MP3-option

  • Microphone with amplifier

  • Entrance by side electric door

  • Drivers cab area finished in carbon
  • Wheelchair ramp (U-lift or OK-lift)
  • Additional air conditioning on the roof

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